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Hear the story and meet the faces behind Central Florida Lands and Timber Nursery!


Our Team

Matt Buchanan

Owner and general manager

Julie Mortlock

Office manager and accounting

Roger Kindard

Operations manager


Central Florida Lands and Timber Nursery is a fourth generation nursery with over 40 years of experience.




This is a fine nursery with a good selection of native trees both as. Seedlings and potted plants in various sizes. They are service-oriented and quite accommodating.



Trees, trees and more trees!


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Central Florida Lands and Timber Nursery, LLC. is a wholesale nursery specializing in a wide array of trees and shrubs. With an inventory of over 2 million trees and shrubs, CFLTN, LCC can meet the needs of customers, whether it be reforestation, mitigation, or landscaping.


(386) 294-1211


3087 North County Road 53 Mayo, Florida 32066